Healthy Families Lower Shore

A supportive program for families with new babies and young children provides evidenced-based services designed to promote parenting success and school readiness, the ESPS Healthy Families Lower Shore program (HFLS) provides services that enhance the four domains of recovery:

  • Healthy_Families_Lower_Shore_FeaturedHealth – Home Visitors assist in learning about and working toward healthy lifestyles, healthy childhoods and accessing needed health care services
  • Home – Through personalized home visits, Home Visitors focus on family strengths and challenges in assuring a safe and nurturing home environment
  • Purpose – Home Visitors assist parents and caregivers in achieving their parenting and personal goals by providing support, guiding the goal development process and  identifying resources to meet the chosen goals.
  • Community – By assisting in the identification and linkages with natural community supports, resources and opportunities, Home Visitors help individuals and families move toward greater participation in and contribution to their communities
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HFLS activities focus on skill building in the areas of:

  • Parenting
  • Child Development
  • Positive Discipline and Guidance
  • Communication
  • Goal Development
  • Problem solving
  • Social and interpersonal relationships
  • Health Literacy for themselves and their children