The CARE-2 (Child & Adolescent Risk Evaluation) Assessment by Dr. Kathy Seifert works to identify youth who are at risk for violence and determines specific interventions needed to prevent any future risk of aggressive behavior. Updated and enhanced, this invaluable tool examines every factor that may be affecting the youth’s development, and puts a plan in place for the youth to mature into a positively pro-social functioning member of society.

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articles-mastheadDr. Kathryn Seifert is one of the leading experts in the fields of multi-victim violence, bullying, trauma and mental health related violence in the United States. Dr. Seifert specializes in the assessment and treatment of individuals, who are at risk for violence and those who are emotionally disturbed, behaviorally disordered, victimized, delinquent, and/or are suffering from attachment disorders.

The past ten years has seen a surge in the number of shocking mass murder attacks being committed by seemingly ordinary people. Why did these people like Adam Lanza, Aaron Alexis and Andres Breivik, commit these acts of shocking violence? Everyone has asked themselves this question and Dr. Seifert has dedicated her career to finding the answers to this question. The fact is many of these events could have been predicted and prevented if someone had seen the warning signs and intervened before it was too late.

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